Roundabout in my head
Hassen Ferhani / 2015 / Algeria / 100′

Roundabout in My Head looks inside the oldest slaughterhouse in Central Algiers. The backdrop of well-worn surfaces and a palette of bloody reds speaks to the building’s function, but it is the lives of the men who work here that take centre stage. From World Cup goals to the pursuit of young love, the everyday dramas of modern-day Algeria are played out. It is charming and bewildered Yusef who lends the film its title. He laments the roundabout in his head, with its 1000 exits and options for his post-Arab Spring generation to decide their future. Hassen Ferhani's beautifully composed cinematography frames a study of life that continues unabashed in the presence of death.


Contains graphic scenes of animal slaughter


Emerging International Filmmaker Award nominee

Roundabout in My Head

Friday, June 24, 2016 - 20:00
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