The Event
Sergei Loznitsa / 2015 / Belgium/Netherlands / 74′

In August 1991, hardline communists staged a coup in Moscow, hoping to overthrow Gorbachev’s liberal rule. Loznitsa ignores the main stage events on the streets of Moscow, to take a sidelong look at The Event in a city 400 miles from the centre of the storm. As in both Maidan and his previous Leningrad-based masterpiece Siege, Loznitsa lets us watch history in the making. His award-winning montage of found footage pushes us to question what we are seeing in the frame and asks what was really happening as the crowds in the streets swelled and 75 years of dictatorship appeared to come to an end.

The film will be introduced by Alex Graham, PhD Candidate at UCL-SSEES and Wolfson Foundation scholar.

The Event

Wednesday, June 22, 2016 - 20:20
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Sergei Loznitsa and Maria Choustova-Baker

Production Company

Atoms and Void