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The second instalment of our film series EDGE in collaboration with Urban Lab Films and The Bartlett’s Film+Place+Architecture PhD takes us to the Olympic Park. The series compliments the EDGE symposium organised by UCL and the 2017 Folkestone Triennial.

The Edge project is a narrative driven exploration of contemporary situated practice in 'edge' urban settings, focusing on in-between spaces and the creative ways to which these can be used. Guest speakers will bring their own perspectives from the worlds of art, architecture, and anthropology to compliment the curated film programmes.

The screenings will be held at three locations each of which are situated on the High Speed 1 rail link (HS1) route between London and Folkestone. Each event will explore one of the symposiums’ three key themes - Gateway, Periphery and Border.

Véréna Paravel & J.P Sniadecki | 2010 | USA | 80'

A hidden enclave in the shadow of the New York Mets' new stadium, the neighborhood of Willets Point is an industrial zone fated for demolition. Filled with scrapyards and auto salvage shops, lacking sidewalks or sewage lines, the area seems ripe for urban development. But Foreign Parts discovers a strange community where wrecks, refuse and recycling form a thriving commerce. Cars are stripped, sorted and cataloged by brand and part, then resold to an endless parade of drive-thru customers. Joe, the last original resident, rages and rallies through the street like a lost King Lear, trying to contest his imminent eviction. Two lovers, Sara and Luis, struggle for food and safety through the winter while living in an abandoned van. Julia, the homeless queen of the junkyard, exalts in her beatific visions of daily life among the forgotten. The film observes and captures the struggle of a contested "eminent domain" neighborhood before its disappearance under the capitalization of New York's urban ecology.

Emily Richardson | 2009 | UK | 23'

Memo Mori is a journey through Hackney tracing loss and disappearance. A canoe trip along the canal, the huts of the Manor Garden allotments in Hackney Wick, demolition, relocation, a magical bus tour through the Olympic park and a Hell’s Angel funeral mark a seismic shift in the topography of East London.

Sally Mumby-Croft & Xavier Zapata | 2009 | UK | 16'

Sally Mumby-Croft's elegiac video meditates on the impact of the deletion of an entire landscape and all it contains. A refreshingly unregenerated and wild place, an 'unregulated landscape' rich with history and possibilities, is now being turned into one of the most oppressively manipulated, restrictive and artificial zones in Europe.

David Anderson, Simon Ball, Zoltan Biedermann & Henrietta Williams | 2017 | UK | 8'

The screening will be followed by a Q&A with Emily Richardson, Sally Mumby-Croft, Henrietta Williams & Zoltan Biedermann.

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Join us at Plexal, Here East, 14 East Bay Lane, The Press Centre, Here East, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Stratford, London E15 2GW

Entrance is via the Press Centre, Here East. Use the postcode E20 3BS if using navigation. A free shuttle bus operates to/from Here East every 10 minutes from Stratford station and Stratford International station on Fridays until 22:30. Find details at:

There are no drinks available at the Plexal itself but guests for Edge are invited to purchase these at across the way from the venue and bring these in for the screening. Please let the staff at Mason and Co know that you are coming to an event at the Plexal.

In collaboration with UCL urban labs, Film + Place + Architecture and the Bartlett School of Architecture. 

EDGE - Film Series: Periphery

Friday, October 6, 2017 - 19:00