Donkeyote, Open City Documentary Festival
Chico Pereira / 2017 / Germany/Spain/United Kingdom / 86'

Manolo, 73 years old and living a simple life in Spain, dreams of travelling to the American west to walk the gruelling 2,200 mile Trail of Tears with his longtime companion, the donkey Gorrión. But before embarking on this epic quest, Manolo must first overcome a litany of obstacles: his chronic arthritis, a history of heart attacks and, worst of all, the huge costs involved in shipping Gorrión across the Atlantic. Manolo will not be deterred, however, and sets off with his Donkey on a rambling odyssey across Andalusia in search of solutions. As with his debut feature Pablo’s Winter (2012), Donkeyote again finds Pereira exploring the space between documentary and fiction, building a neo-Western tinged narrative around which Manolo’s adventures unfold.

A Q&A with producer Nick Gibbon will follow the screening.

Donkeyote + Q&A

Friday, September 8, 2017 - 20:30
£10, concs £7
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