Broadway. Black Sea, Open City Doc Fest
Vitaly Mansky / 2002 / Germany/Russia / 84'

Broadway, Black Sea presents a kaleidoscopic portrait of a Black Sea resort over the course of one holiday season. Refugees from the Caucasian republics, Armenians, Azerbaijanis and Russians meet on the shore of the Black Sea: they work as shopkeepers, lifeguards, karaoke singers, or are simply here to enjoy their holidays. The place where all this happens is called Broadway and does not exist on any map, not even the most detailed one. The temporary inhabitants construct a whole world in miniature which consists of small carts, tents or booths closely parked in haphazard rows. The scenery built for a few weeks during summer is bubbling with life – and does not at all correspond with ordinary daily life in Russia.

Courtesy of Cobra Films


Broadway, Black Sea

Friday, September 8, 2017 - 20:15
£12, concs £7/£8/£11
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